Travel planning is an in-between state.

In·ter /Inˈtər/ is a Latin suffix meaning between, among, in the midst of and is used in the formation of compound words.

INTER is an interactive travel guide for travelers seeking to flexibly plan their schedules, on the go. It is a guide for the moments that fit amidst your average everyday life and your adventurous travels.

Get rid of your tour-guide and take control of your adventures!
Brand Identity Development:

During the development of the project, I decided that I wanted to approach my work from a narrative-driven perspective. I wanted to create an overarching story for the existence of the guidebook and establish a visual foundation that would justify my design choices.

To do this, I spent a substantial time developing a brand-identity for the guidebook.
Final logotype and combination wordmark:
Cover Layout Development:

The booklet cover provides information about the main features of the guidebook and tells users what to expect from the booklet and the given location. Stock imagery was used in the initial versions as a placeholder.

Original photography for the cover and interior was taken on separate dates and times, in and around the downtown Halifax / Dartmouth Area.
The final cover spread uses a bold heading to command attention. The heading fades into the background image to signify the immersion between Inter Magazine and location for which it's guiding serves.
Interior Content Layout: 

The interior content provides is divided and color-coded to provide ample content over a wide-range of categories. These content categories would coincide with a mobile companion application, that would provide additional travel functionality. The rear cover QR-code connects the booklet location to the companion application.

The booklet's content is limited to must-see and do activities and serves as an introduction to the area of Downtown Halifax; whereas, the mobile application would allow the user to go further in-depth in searching, organizing and planning their trip.

The INTER guide-book is primarily used before or between moments of activity. The booklet allows the user to read, plan and write out their entire day in a quick and simple way, using the daily planner section; a dry-erase grid found on the rear-interior cover.​​​​​​​

Most images included within the document are stock images, for time and availability sense. Though original photography can be found on spread 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
Printed Booklet: 

The cover of the booklet is laminated, allowing users to draw on the rear-planner with erasable pens. The booklet content uses double-sided coated paper, that is "perfect bound". 

The booklet is hand-bound, thus it may appear imperfect, though it works as a concept for a final production copy.

A stop-motion animation was also developed as an advertisement for our travel guide. This initial animation was created in Photoshop, then redeveloped and simplified in After Effects.
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